What are cookies?
Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored in a user's browser. The browser will send the information to the website the next it is visited. With these cookies preferences and settings are being stored while browsing. This way there is no need to set settings every time a website is visited. E.g. a cookie that remembers that you logged in to the website.

The cookies we use will never contain any personal data,

More information about cookies and the Dutch cookie law is available at: Cookierecht (in Dutch), Wikipedia (in English) and de Consumentenbond (in Dutch).

Why do we ask for permission??
Since 5th of June 2012 it's obligated for website in The Netherlands to obey the cookielaw. All websites in The Netherlands are obligated to inform it's visitors about cookies and ask for permission to use these cookies. This is stated in article 11.7a of the Telecomlaw.

Why should i accept these cookies?
If you allow us to use cookie, we can provide a better service and browsing experience. E.g. we then can analyse the navigation of users on our website and determine to rearrange the structure. We try to keep our website as userfriendly as possible, because of this these data are very valuable.

If you want to deny all cookies from all websites, you can set this in your web browser's preferences menu. For more information see the documentation of your web browser.

Keep in mind that limiting the use of cookies can also seriously affect the functionality and experience of this and other websites.

Cookies we use
Cookiename Purpose Period
cookieAccept The "cookieAccept" cookie stores your preference about accepting the cookiedisclaimer. 5 jaar
digitalbag This cookie will only be placed when using the digital bag. Your digital bag preferences will be stored in this cookie.
Google Analytics: __utma, __utmb, __utmc, etc. On our websites(s) we use Google analytics. With Google Analytics we analyse our visitors and page-visits which we use to improve our websites.
The info will be save anonymous, your IP will not be used or sent to Google.
__uset, _stid, UID, UIDR
ShareThis provides a service which allows Social Sharing of our pages to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Their cookies check if you have posted before.
v1st, TAUnique, TATravelInfo, CM, TASession, TACds, ServerPool
TripAdvisor uses these cookies. TripAdvisor information is in use on our customerpages.

Final word
If we change anything related with cookies on this website, or the cookielaw changes, we will update this statement. When this statement is updated, it's possible you have to choose again whether to accept cookies from or website or not. This statement is last changed on 18-12-2012.